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Early in transition, the mental gap I had to bridge between the naked body of my cisgender girlfriend and my own naked body pushed me over the waterfall of dysphoria whenever physical intimacy happened. Internalized transphobia and cissexism is really hard to overcome. Seeing her naked body reminded me of how wrong my own felt to me. But with a trans woman, it’s different. She tells me, “I will only touch you in ways you want to be touched.” My body is a minefield and if you step the wrong way we both might get blown up. She understands. She is patient as I translate the map to my body and help her avoid the landmines. And that means the world to me. She understands that on some days the dysphoria is so bad that the only thing I need is to be held.”

Read Teagan Widmer’s “Creating Magic Together" trans partners and intimacy on

(Illustrations by Ellie Knrich)

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    There are different terms for me and my girlfriend, but this hits so close to home. She is so wonderful and...
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